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Logo du groupe Veil of Mist

VEIL OF MIST has been founded in 2004 in Reims, France by long-time fellow musicians Jean-Baptiste Frichet and Frédéric Carcelle. The first demo was released in 2006, followed by an EP in 2008 but for many years the band lived the life of underground bands with numerous line-up changes and other obstacles. They nevertheless always stayed active on the live front in France and abroad.


The band really came to a second life with Amandine Rosselle joining their ranks in 2013, which enabled them to put the final touches to their debut album « Disenchantment », a collection of tunes that ranges from gothic Metal to more extreme and dark Metal with a lot of elements in between but never gets too far away from the wistful atmospheres loved by the band. And, live wise, they played in France, Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands, but for now they are about to release their second full-length.

Photo du groupe Veil of Mist, le sablier.
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